Hello I'm Ryan!

I am a health and wellness entrepreneur, multiple podcast host, adversity guru, blog writer and fitness app creator! You have just found your new favorite motivation, wellness and health community! I created this platform to help people realize the real value of the adversity they have been through. I have been through plenty of misfortune myself and I know first hand what it's like when life is tough. After several years of battling I decided it was time to put what I have learned together to help others.


The reality is that those tough times opened up a whole new world, and I want you to be part of it! Challenging yourself in the face of adversity can be tough, but nothing is more fulfilling then using those experiences to your advantage. Scroll down and check out everything you can take advantage of! 



It wasn't easy but you were able to climb to the top of your adversity mountain. Once you get there you owe it to yourself to unpack all the skills that you have acquired through your journey. The pain and suffering, the strain it put on your relationships and everything else that goes with the process. 

I have been there myself and it took me nearly 20 years to realize that my health journey had unlocked abilities that I didn't know I had. The reality is that the opportunities that present themselves through adversity are everywhere. The Adversity University platform helps you uncover them.

I will show you where to find them and how to analyze what works well with your skill set. How to capitalize on them. How to realize that you have the the power to do things you never thought imaginable. I can help you and starts with joining the Adversity University community!



ADVERSITY Entrepreneur


The Adversity Entrepreneur is the podcast dedicated to helping keep digital entrepreneurs in the know! The reality is that those who have been through adversity have a story. Those stories can be turned into several things but knowing how to make that happen can be tricky at times. 


I will tell you what I failed at so you can make better decisions. This podcast also breaks down the tools of the trade and everything in between. You can use this podcast as a guide to be informed and be part of promotional discounts which will help you save money!

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Ready to start a podcast? It isn't as hard as you might think and after starting three of my own I can help you make some quick and easy decisions. Download your free copy of "The Easy Podcast Guide" and contact me with any questions you might have! 

You can also check out the Adversity Entrepreneur podcast above and get a ton of great tips!



The Revealing Healing Motivational Health Stories podcast is a story telling podcast where we have guests come on and reveal how they were able to battle through their health adversity. This podcast is what started it all for me as I am a brain tumor survivor and wanted a way to highlight those who have amazing health stories to help inspire others.


We have covered topics that include addiction, disease, suicide attempts, shootings, severe accidents, anxiety and much, much more. The guests that come on this podcast are 100% authentic and each story will leave you wondering how they were able to still move on. Get ready to be motivated and inspired to do more after you hear these inspirational health stories. 

The Adversity 


Check out the blog where I try to help entrepreneurs solve problems and be successful. What makes the best blogs? Well I think its when they help solve a problem for you. What I write about is geared towards helping people avoid the mistakes I made and hopefully make you think!

Entrepreneur Product


Ready to become a graphic artist with the snap of a finger? You need Canva! Design presentations, social media graphics,and more with thousands of beautiful layouts.

I use this product daily, have talked about it on my podcast and absolutely love it for its ease! I'm know expert but this product makes you feel like one! Pricing is beyond affordable and you need to add this tool to your program!